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How an Expat Relocates his Car to Europe

When diplomats, NGO-officials or employees sent abroad start planning their return home, they often wonder whether they should take their foreign car with them or not. To decide, they need to know the costs and what it takes to organize potential technical modifications and to obtain the relevant documents. Volker Risse, international car-dealer in Dubai since 2003, knows all the answers and explains in a fun and easy-to-understand way what to keep in mind and what to prepare for if you want to take your car back home.

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  • 1. Auflage: November 2016
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The Author Volker Risse

Born in 1972, the businessman and entrepreneur moved abroad for the first time directly after finishing high school in Bonn, Germany. He carried out alternative community service with mentally handicapped people in the francophone part of Belgium and subsequently studied politics. During that time he also founded his first business in the automobile and logistics industry.

Later on he specialised in the cross-border trading of automobiles. Further pillars of his trade are online services, such as an online car dealership (www.cartrader24.com) and investments in holiday real estate abroad (www.la-perla.ch). In 2015 he wrote his first book “Ich mach mir mein Geld, wie es mir gefällt. Von Knickwürsten, Polenschlüsseln, Applasshandel und anderen frag- oder denkwürdigen Geschäftsideen”, published by atemwort verlag.

His company, ICB International Car Bridge FZE, has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. Here, he specialises in global sales of new cars for diplomats, the UN and NGOs.